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Our Team

Who we are

Founder/ Creative Director

Layla Love

What better is there to do on eARTh than to help each other rise? Through Layla Love’s experience of witnessing older men with young children from her first photojournalism assignment in Cameroon, she found out about the horrors of sex trafficking. Combining this experience with guidance from her mentor, Gloria Steinham, she decided to merge her art & her activism to create a platform that brings awareness and funding to survivors of sex trafficking. Love believes that art is a powerful tool that can bring people together and when done right, it has a unifying force, as well as being instrumental for educating people through public art.

Love has participated in over 100 art shows worldwide, including Paris Photo, Art Basel, and the AiPAD Photography Show in New York. Sharing the same spaces with artistic luminaries such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, Robert Mapplethorpe, Pablo Picasso, Henri Cartier-Bresson, and Kara Walker. Love is working on both street art campaigns and wearable art through her new “We Are Aware” program, launching Fall 2024.

Chief Operating Officer

Sylvia Ui’lani Matayoshi

Sylvia Ui’lani Matayoshi is a highly skilled subject matter expert, first responder, and international award-winning leader with a proven skill set in the international human rights space with a career spanning over 25 years, making a significant impact in combating human trafficking, supporting operations, and survivors impacted by major crimes while promoting human rights. She is an active member of the elite, first, all-female Platoon-5 at Aerial Recovery and Team Rubicon, continuing her mission to combat human trafficking and support humanitarian efforts. Sylvia will be assisting with the launch of a global anti-trafficking campaign and initiative with our partners.

Art Liaison & World-Renowned Art Critique

Anthony Haden-Guest

He has been a frequent writer for The New York Times, Vanity Fair, The Wall Street Journal, and White Hot Magazine. He works to bring attention and respect from the art world to the creative efforts of Rise of the Butterfly. He champions our cause, elevating awareness of Rise of the Butterfly's creative efforts since its inception.

Mentor & President of the National Organization of Women Chapter

Sonia Ossorio

Since 2011, Sonia Ossorio graciously provides the Love Now Headquarters in Chelsea, New York—a vital space for Rise of the Butterfly's endeavors.

Ambassador for Rise of the Butterfly

Brandon London

Brandon London is the founder of Athletes Against Violence, a program designed to bring all-star athletes together to speak out against the atrocities of human trafficking. Brandon has been working with Rise of the Butterfly since 2018 and continues to be our Head Ambassador.

Founder of Creative Visions - Non-Profit Umbrella

Kathy Eldon

Rise of the Butterfly has partnered with Creative Visions since 2016. Under their guidance, our operational compliance ensures ethical standing. Layla first began a relationship with Creative Visions and its founder, Kathy Eldon, in 2010 after sharing experiences in West Africa and their commitment to art activism.

Assistant Curator

Alessandro Casini

He is the head of our Italian outreach, based in London with a focus on Public Relations. Alessandro has excelled in content production, press releases, outreach, and sales within the art realm. Fluent in both Italian and English, Alessandro brings a unique blend of academic knowledge, artistic passion, and practical skills to contribute meaningfully to the humanitarian association. He joined our team in 2023, aligning seamlessly with our mission at the intersection of art and societal impact.

Book Publisher

Gayle Gladstone

Owner of Waterside Production. They have published over 200 million copies and thousands of best sellers worldwide with diamond distribution and conscious capitalism practices. Layla Love has been partnering with Waterside Production since 2011.

Art Ambassador

Jimmy Boyle

Multimedia artist and Grammy Award-winning record producer for Alana Morissette’s album, along with Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Johnny Cash. He has been working with Rise of the Butterfly since 2020.


Jim Justice

He is an experienced entrepreneur having earned millions of dollars for his companies. He began working with Rise of the Butterfly in 2017. He has financially sponsored a series of anti-trafficking awareness showcases and has been advising Rise of the Butterfly since. In addition to financial advising, he has been advocating for and helping with the development of our “We Are Aware” campaign, which will launch in Fall 2024.

NGO Protocol Consultant

Dennis Ramdahin

He is the Co-Founder and NGO Program Head. Vihara Foundation/ Rock against Poverty. He has been working with Possible Events in partnership with Rise of the Butterfly since 2019.

Legal Advisor

Micah Gallo

Micah Gallo has worked on 40 films within the film industry, producing his own feature film before moving into management and legal affairs for a multi-billion dollar company. He has been an advisor for Rise of the Butterfly since 2017.


Michael Obiala

Our IT specialist with a focus on creating platforms with mental health awareness and a safe space for survivors. He has been working with Rise of the Butterfly since 2023.

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