Christie’s Art+Tech Summit

July 2018 • London, England

The very first piece of art from Layla Love’s phenomenally rich and stunningly beautiful collection titled “Rise” has been tokenized on the blockchain and will be auction at Christie’s. Having just completed a month-long Chelsea exhibit with commentary by Gloria Steinem and curation by Anthony Haden-Guest, Layla Love is working to raise awareness around human trafficking through her nonprofit Rise of the Butterfly. Proceeds from the “Rise” collection are donated to organizations working with victims of human trafficking.

Women and Birds Can Soar is a photographic fine art print on rare cedar wood coated with 24K gold—it is a one-of-a-kind, unique, and unreplicatable single edition. It has been tokenized through SuperRare and authenticated on the blockchain.

Knowing that Christie’s is the forerunning leader in the art world, it is no surprise that they are pioneering on the edge of blockchain and art.

“History pivots on the art and artifacts therein, and as we move into an age of limitless technology, nothing is more important than how it affects the art world.” — Layla Love

As an art activist, Love is eager to partner with SuperRare and Consensus and believes that tokenizing her art on the blockchain is presently the best way to stimulate funding and awareness for her cause, as well as other pressing global issues. Love, a member of Marion Rockefeller’s flow funding board, has been studying intelligent ways of distributing resources and is confident that blockchain will allow for indisputable authentication of work. As the move toward peer-to-peer transactions takes hold, Love envisions a future in which ample funding is redistributed to the organizations in our communities that have proven track records of working to preserve not only our habitat, but our humanity. She trusts that through her actions she will inspire others to adopt models of transparency and integrity, as well as look to fractionalized ownership and her other groundbreaking solutions.

Love invites you to join her on the blockchain, the future of the fine art world.

The Rise Gallery

May-June 2018 • New York, New York

About the RISE Collection

The art in the RISE collection was created by Layla Love. All proceeds were donated to Rise of the Butterfly. Through the sales of Layla’s fine art Rise of the Butterfly is able to support programs confronting the global issue of sex trafficking.

Athlete’s Against Violence, Brandon London at the Rise Gallery

Athlete’s Against Violence, Brandon London & Layla Love joined together to take a stand against human trafficking. This is the official video from #AthletesAgainstViolence event with Rise of the Butterfly. Thanks to Emory Hunt, Tony Clomax, Laura Lee, Brilynn Fields, MaeOla Bolton, Leeann Brzozowski and many more for sharing their experiences & ideas!!

Fox News at the Rise Gallery

Artist Turns Activist — Layla Love’s new exhibit, Rise of the Butterfly is at a Chelsea gallery. The event brings awareness on the topic and raises funds for victims of human trafficking.