About Rise of the Butterfly

Mission, Values and Vision

RISE believes in the power of art to change people and people to change the world. Using art as a catalyst, our objective is to intersect art and activism to fund anti-trafficking organizations fueling conscious-raising actions and innovative, effective solutions. The promotion of personal transformation, resilience, community solutions, and agency are core values in our mission.

Our vision is to use artistic collaborations and actions to spread the message that we all have a responsibility to build a world where human beings do not own human beings and to end trafficking. To achieve our mission, we have garnered a team of revolutionary activist artists and influencers, and partnered with the largest and most established programs working to end global human trafficking, namely Voices4Freedom, Apne Aap, and Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (CATW). All profits from proceeds will directly support survivors and benefit these anti-trafficking organizations and their efforts.


Rise of the Butterfly (RISE) resulted after a conversation between abolitionist and internationally acclaimed visual artist Layla Love and feminist icon Gloria Steinem about combining Love’s images and Steinem’s words to create a positive impact on the world. Love conceptualized the nonprofit RISE as a network of activist artists, expanding the reach of art to raise awareness and to evoke activism, calling out communities to direct action, and funding social justice.

About the Founder

Layla Love

Layla Love’s art aims to illuminate our human consciousness. She captures life as a series of adventures and expeditions into the unknown, returning always with a greater sense of what it means to be human. Having been in both foreign prisons and royal palaces she has learned to employ the power of creative force to transcend. Her intention is to illuminate and reveal in the hopes of igniting a spark of activation. After studying journalism and global communications at Richmond International University in London she realized that visual imagery has the greatest impact in our modern communication process., At 21 she began a five year photojournalism tour to war torn and compromised region with a focus on the plight of women. In New York and other cities she brings her experience to gallery walls – leaving the rest to you…Love sees a world where art changes people, and people change the world.

Love’s photography has been exhibited worldwide including a photographic selection to the White House permanent collection in 2008. She has shown with Eric Franck Fine Art at Paris Photo, Art Basel, the MoMa sponsored AiPAD Photography Show in New York, which is the longest running and foremost exhibition of fine art photography. She has participated in over 100 photographic exhibitions with world-renowned artists such as, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, Robert Mapplethorpe, Pablo Picasso, Henri Cartier-Bresson, and Kara Walker. Love’s image The Fullest Bloom, was adapted individually for over 30 Tiffany & Co. Diamond Showrooms worldwide attesting to Love’s attention to detail and mastery of fine art printing.